Vital Protection.

Cyber Security is best defined as the measures taken to protect your vital information or information systems against unauthorised access or attack.

A successful cyber-attack on a UK SME will take place every 11-seconds in 2021. Does your business have the right measures in place? Are you sure?

Managed Cyber Security.

Criminal activity that focuses on stealing business and customer data is at an all-time high. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Having the right tools and procedures in place is vital.

We offer two levels of managed protection, ranging from the essential elements of cyber security (in line with the five technical controls of Cyber Essentials) to a comprehensive level of support that includes cyber insurance and GDPR support. Protect what matters; operate with peace-of-mind.

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Key Features.


Remote Monitoring & Management.

Our RMM tool keeps a close and continuous watch over your cyber security protections, detecting and alerting us to issues in an instant. This means fast response times from connected tools and our support team.


Password Management.

The best first line of defence is a strong password. We ensure that your team uses strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and, if you should forget your password, we can swiftly and securely provide a new one.


Email Security.

We employ a best-of-breed multi-tenanted filtering technology to provide layered security to your inbound and outbound email. Enjoy 24/7 proactive monitoring, alerting, and expert support from the RDS support team.


Managed VPN.

Ensure any and all data sent across your network is encrypted and protected from snooping and theft. We will continuously monitor your VPN to ensure it is providing
you with the most secure network.


Managed Anti-Virus.

Our best-in-breed technology includes Zero-Trust continuous endpoint monitoring, detection, and classification. And our Threat Hunting service proactively discovers new hacking and evasion techniques.


Managed Firewall.

Our managed firewall service protects your internal network (i.e. your PC) from external threats (i.e. the internet). Best-in-breed tools monitor incoming/outgoing data and only permit communication from verified sources.


Benefits of Managed Cyber Security.


Fast Detection & Response Time.

Our managed cyber security service ensures that we are instantly alerted to an issue and can respond before any serious or lasting damage can occur. Best-in-breed tools can provide 99% protection, but that extra 1% relies on swift action by our expert support team.


Reduced Cost of Security & Training.

Cyber-attacks and cyber security technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. To employ someone in-house and invest in the required ongoing training and tools is expensive. Our managed service gives your business the right level of protection at a fraction of the cost.


Access to Expertise & Best-of-Breed Tools.

Our cyber security and support teams never stop learning. We’re committed to continuously investing in the best technologies and ensuring our team has the right knowledge and accreditations to protect your business from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.


Training & Consultancy.

Cyber Essentials.

This government-backed scheme is your baseline protection against the most common cyber attacks. It’s also a signal to your customers that you are serious about protecting their sensitive data.

The RDS cyber security team will support your business through the process of meeting the five technical control standards required to achieve Cyber Essentials certification.



Our in-house cyber security and data protection experts can help your business to achieve the required level of compliance for a number of information security standards, including:

  • ISO27001

  • Cyber Insurance

  • GDPR / Data Protection



Your business’s employees are either its greatest asset or weakest vulnerability when it comes to cyber security. Our range of employee training services is designed to ensure your team is aware of the core threats and equipped to counter them.

We also offer leadership-level cyber security awareness training, designed to equip those that are most-coveted among cyber criminals.

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