Technology is changing fast, convergence is bringing telecoms together to provide better investment value and improve efficiencies. Alongside developments and new opportunities, the need for businesses to have effective, ‘traditional’ voice telephony remains paramount.

Telecoms Services and Solutions for Business

With so many options available, it’s important to make the best informed decisions when replacing or upgrading your telecoms platform. This is where RDS can help: whether you need a simple PABX system or an advanced converged solution using IT networks and internet technology.

Our consultative approach, built on 20 years’ experience of telecoms solutions across many sectors, ensures that you will be guided towards the platform and technology that’s right for your business. And your new telecoms system starts with our understanding of your business requirements.


  • Consultative approach
  • Full turnkey systems
  • Single or multi-site installation
  • Telecom convergence solutions
  • PABX systems
  • VoIP systems
  • Cordless DECT and fixed point equipment
  • Two way mobile-landline transfer
  • Installation and support
  • Aftersales maintenance

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