Device as a Service

Device as a Service

Why buy expensive computers with your capital budget, when you can now subscribe to use them on a simple monthly basis?
Approximately every two years the speed of PC’s has doubled, which probably means your staff are working on machines that are half as fast (or less) than the new versions. Productivity is directly affected as a result.


Imagine being able to replace every device in your business, and not outlay any capital. Opt instead for RDS DaaS which means that you simply subscribe to new computers, giving you the power of today, without the cost.

A simple monthly subscription plan, similar to a PCP contract on a car is now available.

Improve working conditions, productivity and profitability in one decision. Optimise customer care, and provide a re-energised workforce.

Benefits of RDS DaaS

  • Full range of devices from Desktop, Laptop and Tablet
  • Three year subscription contract
  • All devices carry three year replace or fix warranty, reducing your maintenance cost
  • Add devices as your needs evolve
  • State of the art machines promote your brand to customer and employees alike
  • Simple to organise and single point of admin contact
  • Improve productivity, staff performance and customer care

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