Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Brand damage, risk of reputation through consumer confidence and loss of important data are just a few potential implications of a data security breach.

Cyber Security Service Providers in Derby

As cyber-crime evolves and technology becomes all encompassing, criminals, opportunists and fraudsters are creating new and inventive ways of manipulating data, extorting companies and stealing critical financial and personal information.

We are the only market provider that can provide both an audit and understanding, as well as implementation of the technology needed to safeguard your critical systems and company processes.

Why should RDS provide your Cyber Security?

  • Complete Cyber Security from one provider
  • Safeguard against various types of cyber attack
  • Cyber Essentials qualified
  • Reinforce information security
  • Demonstrate safety of customers’ valuable personal data
  • Reduce business insurance premiums
  • Full understanding and implementation of Cyber Security technology
  • Full technical support

Cyber Auditing

We know that in order to safeguard against the risk of a data breach, current company policies, procedures and systems must all be evaluated, with new processes created to simultaneously mitigate against risk whilst reinforcing information security.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a new government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats. As part of the Cyber Audit, we will create a safe environment around your cyber controls, whilst helping you obtain the Cyber Essentials qualification. This has positive ramifications around business insurance policies, as premiums can be reduced based on a competent understanding and implementation of information security processes.

If you’d like to know more about Cyber Essentials, click here to download our PDF.

Processes to Prevent and Protect

In order to build an effective Cyber Security protocol, an ongoing process and vetting system becomes a necessity. We can employ best of breed hardware and software to boost network resiliency, identify current software for patch management and create a level of consistency across your company’s IT infrastructure. We understand that this process is ongoing, so we work with a dedicated team, designed to monitor over your network for Malware and stop any malicious software at the point of entry.

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