RDS Black Box™

RDS Black Box™

RDS have developed a Management Information System (MIS) that allows data feeds from multiple sources to be brought together into the RDS Black Box™, to provide a comprehensive real time reporting dashboard


Initial requirements in the automotive industry have led to the development of RDS Black Box™. This is a unique device, able to consolidate the input data from multiple devices and platforms to deliver a real-time dashboard.

Used by businesses to enhance customer service, reduce internal costs and eradicate errors caused by disjointed systems.

Exciting automation, performance monitoring, profit and sales tracking using dashboard representation of your business.

Benefits of RDS Black Box™ Integration

  • Feeds from telephony, CCTV, management systems, door security, personal location devices, accounts packages, sales tracking systems
  • Integrated feeds into one MIS point
  • Real-time data, delivered as usable information
  • International sites or nodes can be included
  • Independent advice for best informed decision
  • Fully supported by RDS in-house specialists
  • Priced per seat or per site
  • Functionality to suit your needs
  • Flexible and scalable as your company changes

If you would like to know more, please contact us on 0330 221 1244 or email: info@rds-global.com

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