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What’s involved?

The audit will assess your entire IT infrastructure, searching for answers to three core questions:

  1. Is your IT system suitable to help you achieve your business goals?

  2. Is your IT budget being utilised for maximum ROI and are there any cost efficiencies that can be capitalised on?

  3. Are your information systems suitably protected?

The audit will result in a report, detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your current IT setup, and recommendations to improve it. These recommendations will fit into two categories:

  1. Nice-to-have’s.

  2. Necessary upgrades, changes, and/or additions.

The audit will be carried out by our expert IT support team. The delivery of the final report may feature a quote for RDS services, based on the audit’s findigs and recommendations, however there is no obligation to use RDS to provide those services. The audit and final report is provided free of charge, and is yours to use freely.